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codeGB Ltd have over 20 years of experience in automation of machinery and processes in manufacturing.

Machine in Factory

Process Improvements

Often machine owners and operators limp by for years with a machine that is mechanically sound yet the software controlling it is not. This can lead to excessive downtime or a slow cycle times. Which in turn means you do not get the performance out of the machine that you need. Sometimes, all that is needed is a minor tweak to the program. Sometimes, more than that is required and a rewrite is needed. CodeGB can help with improving your process.

Full Machine Software Refurbs

We have experience in full software rewrites of large production machines in packaging and FMCG. Sometimes PLC software on special purpose machinery looks like it's an afterthought that was written on the fly as the machine was commissioned. CodeGB can help with either a full software rewrite or an entire control system replacement up to the most modern technology.

Siemens Simotion

CodeGB have extensive knowledge in motion control using the Siemens Simotion platform for multi-axis motion of industry leading performance.


Siemens PLC & HMI Programming

CodeGB Ltd have extensive experience in programming Siemens PLCs and HMIs. We can support systems in Step5, Step7 and TIA portal.

Robot Programming

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